Spector Criminal Justice Training Network


 The deadline to place your order is TBD.

Trainers:  Spector Criminal Justice Training Network, Inc. is supplying each of you with two shirts.  Please pick out one polo and one button-down or long-sleeve shirt to be worn while teaching for our organization.  We want you to have one for warmer weather and one for colder weather.  If you run hot and you really prefer two polos, that is okay.  The organization is paying for these so please use the Coupon Code: INSTRUCTOR when ordering.  The deadline to place your order is TBD.  After that date, the store will be closed.  We will be in touch with you to arrange for delivery.  We may open the store again at a later time to allow people to purchase shirts, so if you decide to buy additional shirts or if anyone in classes asks you if they can buy one, you can tell them. 


Please enter your billing address for the shipping address section even though the items will not be shipped to you.